$150 Million Mansion- Sold! (to a 22-yr old!)


It’s the biggest home in Los Angeles and even larger than the Presidential White House, it’s the home of famed Hollywood producer, the late Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy. The 5-acre property originally held the home of Bill Cosby until the Spelling’s purchased it in 1990 and built their 56,000-Sq. Ft. mansion known as The Manor. The Manor was built for entertaining, which is apparent in the 100 car capacity driveway, 27 bathrooms and living room with an over-sized screen that rises from the floor and automatic blackout shades for perfect viewing.

The Manor was Aaron Spelling’s dream home and he went all out building it- seriously all out. It far surpasses the luxury of any celebrity home built before it or after. Some of the most famous features of the house are the lavish double staircase, inspired by the movie “Gone with the Wind”, and the Prince Charles Suite which was named after the prince slept there.

Gone with the Wind inspired staircase-spelling manor

The house is of European design and many of the materials used for the construction, such as the Italian limestone exterior, were imported from overseas. The palatial home has 14 bedrooms, a billiards room, bowling alley, wine tasting room, wine cellar, beauty salon, gym, collectors gallery, gift wrapping room and dog grooming room- to name a few. It also has 5 kitchens and 5 bars.

Spelling Manor-Rooms-Petra Ecclestone

The house was on the market for a while at a firm $150 Million and took a surprising turn when it was sold recently to someone who is just 22! The new owner of the mansion is Petra Ecclestone, the daughter and heiress of Bernie Ecclestone, president and CEO of London based Formula One Management.  Petra, a fashion designer, who plans to wed James Stunt in August, will be splitting her time between Los Angeles and London where she owns a £56 million, six story mansion. The big question is, will such a young girl be able to appreciate the Beauty of the Spelling Manor, or will we be seeing a renovation soon? I guess only time will tell…


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  1. Wow that mansion is beautiful! I hope the people don’t get lost in there! I wonder how a 22 year old has enough money to afford a mortgage on such a house – but I guess she does.

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