Learn How NOT To Decorate

We’ve discussed many how to’s in decorating- how to decorate a master bedroom, a bachelor pad, a backyard. Today we are going to take a spin on our usual advice line- we will discuss how not to decorate.

Does it ever happen to you that you walk into a home that has all beautiful decorations; magnificent lighting, stunning artwork, incredible furniture yet it just looks all wrong? It probably doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s really disconcerting. Why does it happen? It seems they did everything right but it just doesn’t give a beautiful effect???

Beautiful Furniture/ Wrong Combination
Beautiful Furniture/ Wrong Combination

The reason for this is that when decorating you have to follow some simple rules. Even if you are the “free for all” type you still want to plan ahead and make sure to keep a few basic guidelines that will ensure your home has a fabulous effect. I’m all for decorating your home in your own style, without the help of a professional decorator. But, before you do that read up on the decorating basics, dos and don’ts, that make a home work.

Perfectly Executed Bedroom Decor
Perfectly Executed Bedroom Decor
How not to decorate:

Do not choose the paint colors and easily obtained items first. Decorate around the most expensive hard to acquire pieces. Paint, flooring and fabrics are abundantly available in millions of textures and colors. Large pieces of furniture and heirlooms are not. So be smart and work with those items that are not flexible.paint_swatch

Do not over accessorize. Every decorating website, magazine and blog will tell you how important it is to personalize your space. And it is! You don’t want a home that is cold and sterile. But don’t take it out of context. Nick knacks, throw pillows, picture frames and collections all over the place, covering every surface does not make your home “personal” it makes it a wreck! An over cluttered mess that will give visitors a headache. Limit your accessories to what enhances the room, adds visual interest. Don’t let the “extras” take away from the main décor.

Do not hang lighting to high. Your lighting is supposed to light up the room, not the ceiling. Keep that simple rule in mind when hanging the chandelier.

Do not hang artwork to high. Any wall decorations including mirrors, art and photographs should be placed at eye level. People seem to think that art should be higher up. It shouldn’t. Wall art is there to be seen and appreciated, it should be easily visible. It’s always better to hang it a bit to low then a bit to high.

Warm Living Room Color Scheme
Warm Living Room Color Scheme

Don’t pick your color theme, or really anything, based on a trend. Hopefully your home will last long and you want to love it while it does. To make sure this happens you can’t decorate according to the current trends. Trends come and go faster then we blink and if we decorate based on them we will hate our homes pretty quickly. Obviously you can never know what you will like in the future, and chances are you will want to redecorate 20 years down the line, but choose what you love not what everyone else is doing.

Follow these 5 smart tips and you are on the way to a beautiful home you’ll love for years…

Enjoy your home decorating!


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  1. That first picture is really bad news. Its like the person found nice furniture and just dumped it into the same room with no idea if they match or if they are the same style.

    Maybe they got a great deal at a yard sale or flee market.

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