Halloween! Black, White and ORANGE…EEEWWW???

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If you’re a décor nut like me you probably cringe every year when Halloween comes around. The kids begin dragging out all the creepy decorations and your once beautiful home now closely resembles a haunted house-HELP! Well today, just for fun, I’ll show you how to use the dreaded Halloween colors and keep your home as mod as ever.

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Learn How NOT To Decorate

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We’ve discussed many how to’s in decorating- how to decorate a master bedroom, a bachelor pad, a backyard. Today we are going to take a spin on our usual advice line- we will discuss how not to decorate.

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Decorating Boys’ Bedrooms

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As the saying goes “boys will be boys”, rough and tumble play is their way of maturing and to a certain extent it’s healthy for a boy to develop this way. So our goal is to give them a room that will let them express their energy in a healthy, positive way.

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Whats your style?

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Designing your dream home is absolutely wonderful but can be pretty challenging. You know you’ve got an eye for design but the tough question to tackle is; which specific design style will define you forever and perfectly incorporate your personality into your home?

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Decorating with RED

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Red is the most heartfelt of all colors and symbolizes vitality, energy, action and confidence. Red does a great job of offsetting every color and creating overall decorative balance. Remember to keep in mind that small doses can often be more effective than large with this dramatic color.

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