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Bathroom Organizing (cont.)

The bathroom is where you start and end your day so it’s an important room to keep in good shape. Whether a bathroom is big or small there never seems to be enough storage space. Once you get past the basics; sink, toilet, tub and shower, there is not too much space left.

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Toto Pedestals and Sinks

Toto’s greatest innovations begin by listening to people and discovering what they really want out of life. This is known as their “people-first innovation”, it’s their mission and its pure Toto.

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Nothing’s Impossible

Were you presented with a bathroom that seems impossible to make work? Discover Saniflo and you will learn that the words bathroom and impossible are an oxymoron.

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Duravit Toilets

Duravit recognizes good design and individual tastes. This awareness is what fuels their drive for constantly developing some of the most innovative and functional toilets in the world.

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