The Jewel of Maui

The Jewel of Maui

The Jewel of Maui is a villa in Kapalua, Maui famous for its unrivaled beauty. This extraordinary villa, available for rent, sits on a ¼ mile white sand beach.  The villa rental comes not only with the home but a full service staff as well.

Kapalua Maui
Kapalua, Maui

The villa is world renowned as a unique masterpiece in architecture and interior design. It’s not only the man made magnificence that makes this home incredible, but even more so the breathtaking beauty of nature that surrounds it. The pearl white beach, cobalt blue water, lush greenery and tropical flowers are mesmerizingly inspiring.

For $7500 per night anyone can enjoy this splendor, but it’s usually reserved by celebrities or billionaires. The home has every luxury imaginable and was decorated with the finest treasures from across the world. The owner of the home,  world renowned artist Christian Riese Lassen, joined forces with celebrity decorator Steven Cordrey to create this vision.

Homeowner- Christian Riese Lassen

This work of art is the embodiment of a beachfront palace. Even if you are not privileged enough to visit there you can get some enjoyment, and definitely a dose of design inspiration, by just viewing this photo gallery.

The Jewel of Maui Inspiration Gallery


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