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Luxury Beauty Serenity

For the bathroom of your dreams, more luxury, beauty and serenity then you can ever dream of explore these seven breathtaking tubs from Neptune.

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Celebrating FALL-The perfect way to stay warm this winter!

Soak deep in luxury with a sumptuous stone bathtub!
Deluxe stone tubs are a functional work of art with geometric shapes and quality craftsmanship showcased from every angle. Each tub is an individual work of art you will cherish for years to come.

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Design ideas

Creating Bathrooms in Spaces Big and Small

Big bathroom ideas fit into spaces large or small. On the one hand, having ample square footage in your bathroom or master bath gives your imagination the space it needs to run wild. More area along the walls, in the center of the room and higher ceilings opens the door wide to include more bathroom accessories, a more prominent bathroom vanity and a bigger, cozier whirlpool or air tub to draw the eye and melt away the stress.

As you take a gander at some of these big ideas , keep in mind that style comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Tubs, Whirlpools and Jacuzzis

MAAX Roman Aerofeel Bathtubs

A Touch of Old World Class Melded with Modern Comfort –
MAAX brings yet another timeless, elegant beauty. This refined 19th century Roman-styled bathtub is a marvel of both the old world charm and modern innovation. The MAAX Roman Aerofeel bathtub fits as easily in place in your luxury bathroom suite as it would in a museum of historic treasures or a trade expo showcasing the most forward-looking technology, thanks to the immersive bliss offered by its precedent setting massage features.

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