Kan You Keep Up With The Kardashians???

The inside scoop on the lavish mansions this family calls home…

Outrageously successful, largely due to the ambitions of their mom Kris Kardashian-Jenner, the Kardashian sisters built a novel entertainment dynasty. Unrestricted flaunting, their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and a clothing stores in California have given Kourtney, Kim and Khloe the wealth to live extreme lifestyles.

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Before and After

Stunning Transformations

Kitchens are amazing spaces. There is so much potential in any given kitchen and the outcome all depends on your choices-which kitchen sink and faucet to install, what kinds of appliances to use, countertops, kitchen lighting and layout. There are so many variables that go into a kitchen design or kitchen remodel that it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. We see this happen all the time and the result is a kitchen that tries too much, executes poorly and winds up cluttered and dysfunctional. To sidestep common kitchen design mistakes, we suggest taking a look at some of these impeccable kitchen before and afters that do it right.

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Product Trends

Five Modern Kitchen Faucets

Modernity is meant to be fleeting–when we call a kitchen faucet modern, it means that it speaks to the styles and tastes of that particular point in time. But of course, today’s modern kitchen faucet is tomorrow’s traditional kitchen faucet. And even further down the road, it becomes a vintage or antique kitchen faucet. But while the passage of time inevitably inflects the terminology of decor differently, it doesn’t mean that an artfully crafted modern style kitchen faucet becomes less appealing over time. We have other words for fixtures and styles that don’t age gracefully–outmoded, retro or dated.

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New products

MB Quart Hidden Reflections TV

The MB Quart TV Mirror “HiddenReflections” – an ultra thin mirror with a vanishing television. When the TV is turned off it is a 100% distortion free mirror. When the TV is activated, it transforms the mirror into a window to the world of entertainment, information and media. The MB Quart HiddenReflections has been featured on Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal and has won the CES Innovation award in the furniture category for 2009 and 2010.

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Product Trends

8 Classic Vipp Bathroom Accessories

It all started with a pedal waste bin in an entrepreneurial Danish woman’s salon. Her husband, Holger Nielsen, had crafted it out of necessity but it ended up being his finest work to date. Eager to please his beloved wife, he lavished an uncommon amount of inspiration into the functional little waste bin and started a revolution. Even nestled in the corner of the salon, the stylish waste bin with an ingenious pedal lid got noticed by Nielsen’s wife’s clientele who recommended them to their husbands. And thus, the Vipp waste bin was born.

In this post we hand picked the 8 most popular Vipp bins and accessories

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Featured: John Stefanon Interior Design

Combining traditional style with contemporary design is not an easy thing to do, but it is something that comes naturally to Brazilian-born interior designer John Stefanon. Stefanon is well-known throughout the Boston area for his sensible and unique designs. Stefanon’s work is strewn throughout New England from lavish residences to cramped commercial spaces. While all of Stefanon’s interiors are inherently classic, they are also current enough to make his modern contemporaries take note.

In this article we showcase some of John’s work, and a feature video with John describing his work at the FP3 Boston Apartment development.

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Before and After

Before and After – Five Bathroom Couple-friendly Remodels

It’s surprising how many homes are built for families but feature bathrooms that only accommodate one person at a time. This is especially important for master baths, where husbands and wives may share the space as they get ready for their days. As the clock ticks towards rush hour and spouses compete for sink or shower time, tensions can run high. That’s not what a bathroom is for at all. Bathrooms should be spaces where you can relax, unwind and gently ease into or out of your day.
Check out these five bathroom remodels that went from drab to riches over night.

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Design ideas

Lavish Las Vegas Bathrooms for High Rollers

Whether you hit the jackpot or the house wins, you’ll still feel like a high roller when you stay at one of Las Vegas’ many lavish bathrooms. These five star hotels along The Strip spare no expense for their well-moneyed guests – and why shouldn’t they? For possibly one of the spendiest vacations you’ll have all year, you deserve to get what you paid for. And these opulent bathrooms certainly deliver. With massaging bathtub jacuzzis, sweeping bathroom vistas, European-styled bidets and some of the most gorgeous bathroom vanities in the American Southwest, you’ll feel like a king in one of these stunning Las Vegas hotel bathrooms.

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