Life’s Little Luxuries

Imagine a day at the spa. Sit back, relax, feel the pampering penetrate deep down to your very bones…

spa day Lifes Little Luxuries


How does that feel?

Now imagine that you can have that kind of luxury in your own home. Imagine recreating the soothing atmosphere of the spa right in your bathroom. Imagine that you can have it without having to take out a second mortgage.

Can’t imagine? Here are some budget-friendly add-ons that can transform your bathroom into your very own spa (sorry, personal masseuse not included):

Steam shower

Mr. Steam bathroom Lifes Little Luxuries

Make any bathroom into a sauna for deeply cleansing and relaxing showers and baths. Whatever the size of your bathroom, you can have a steam shower. Compact steam generators by Mr. Steam and Steamist come in all sizes and with multiple installation options (as well as customizable features, touchscreen controls, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, and integrated speakers)  so that you can enjoy a good steaming whenever and however you want. Some use less than 2 gallons of water for a 20-minute session, so the eco-conscious won’t miss out. With prices starting at under $1,000, luxury is now affordable!

steam heart Lifes Little Luxuries

Pedicure sink

For me, nothing’s more soothing than a good foot massage. Unfortunately my feet are extremely ticklish and I can’t even stand going for a pedicure! Luckily, a gently massaging foot bath does the trick without the tickle. A pedicure sink is definitely on my (ever-growing) wish list for “someday when we have more space…”

mti mtls 110jp jentle ped jetted pedicure sink 23 l x 28 w x 13 h 111447 Lifes Little Luxuries

MTI Jentle Ped Jetted Pedicure Sink

mti mtls 130jp jentle ped foot spa 25 14 l x 18 12 w x 12 12 h 230791 Lifes Little Luxuries

MTI Designer Collection Jentle Ped Foot Spa

I love how they call these “foot spas.” My feet could totally use a spa day. And now I reeeeeally want one of these (especially the versions that include a self-cleaning system!).

Towel warmer

Now that your pores are open and clean and your tootsies are feeling boneless, time to wrap yourself up in a fluffy, warm towel!

No, don’t go put your towels in the dryer. Here’s a better solution:

amba cc model c curved stainless steel towel warmer 19 14 w x 36 h 123544 Lifes Little Luxuries

Amba Jeeves Model C Curved Stainless Steel Towel Warmer

amba e 2130 towel warmer 21 w x 30 h 155642 Lifes Little Luxuries

Amba Quadro Towel Warmer

These slim devices are not only attractive (use them instead of towel bars – there are styles galore in every price range!), they get those towels ready for you on the days that you just don’t want to get out of the shower or tub. An added bonus: they’ll warm up the room, too!  The best part? You can indulge in warmth for less than $130.

Who’s ready for a day at the (home) spa? I sure am. What do you do for at-home relaxation?

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