From Clothes to Homes: Home Decor by Fashion Designers

Home design trends naturally sync with fashion design trends; is it any wonder that highly fashionable clothing designers let their talents spill over into equally stylish home decor? We’ve found awesome collections of home decor by fashion designers. These luxury designers offer luxurious furnishings, fixtures, lighting, linens, and accessories galore in their signature fashion. If your closet’s full of designer labels, get your home in on the action!

It’s hard to pick a favorite, so we’ve chosen twelve diverse designers (some more cost-effective than others) to drool over.

Tory Burch

With preppy-slash-boho, easy-to-wear, versatile designs, Tory Burch is a favorite in the world of fashion. Her home collection – including tableware, pillows and towels – reflects her comfortable, slightly cheeky, and chic style.

Tory Burch Home Collection
Tory Burch Dodie Thayer Lettuce Ware Collection

Bottega Veneta

Structured, understated, luxurious; imagine a Bottega Veneta purse or shoes transformed into furniture and accessories, and you’ll get this:

Bottega Veneta Floating Desk
Bottega Veneta Home


Like their iconic bags and scarves, Hermès presents the well-heeled customer with a complete line of covetable home decor, including furniture, decorative objects, linens, lighting, tableware, and even board games.

Carnets d’Equateur by Hermès
Hermès Home Collection

Kate Spade

Playful, comfortable, beautiful; what more could you want from your clothing – and your furniture? Kate Spade has it all (and for every room) in her signature style.

Kate Spade Downing Desk
Kate Spade Downing Desk
Kate Spade Bedroom
Kate Spade Bedroom


The luxury brand’s website says it best: “Since 1987, Fendi Casa has been creating prestigious furniture and design objects based on its unmatched style. An Italian lifestyle project in which tradition is constantly reinterpreted in an innovative and contemporary tone.”

Fendi Casa
Fendi Casa


Another “Casa” line by a high-class fashion designer: Armani Casa. Armani is practically synonymous with elegance and opulence, and the brand’s home collection – furniture, rugs, lighting, wall coverings – is equally fashionable.

Armani Casa
Armani Casa

Louis Vuitton

Bags, shoes, luggage, and even fragrances bear the LV logo; the travel-inspired portable furniture doesn’t, but the spirit is evident in every piece of the Objets Nomades collection (consisting of modular chaise longues, ottomans, stools, and other furnishings, all in signature LV sophistication).

Objets Nomades by Marcel Wanders for Louis Vuitton
Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton

Diane von Furstenberg

What happens when DVF’s adventurous, bold, pattern-mixing style collides with home decor? Absolute fabulousness.

Diane von Furstenberg Home
Diane von Furstenberg Home

Oscar de la Renta

You’re accustomed to seeing Oscar de la Renta on the red carpet. How ’bout you get some of his style on your own carpet? The designer’s House & Home collection is classically beautiful haute couture for your home. (Bonus: you can also get de la Renta printed and virtual stationery!)

Oscar de la Renta Dot & Dash tabletop collection
Oscar de la Renta Paperless Post


Who doesn’t lust after Missoni’s signature print? This isn’t just Missoni for Target – the brand has collaborated with Finnish furniture designer Artek to produce this beauty:

Artek-Missoni Collection

And their own home collection is far from pedestrian.

Missoni Home Tropical Fish Outdoor Collection
Missoni Home Tropical Fish Outdoor Collection

Rick Owens

His coats and shoes are dramatic and structured; his furniture is similarly stark, masculine, and striking (and expensive!).

Rick Owens Furniture
Rick Owens Furniture


If austere and severe are not for you, here’s the opposite extreme (plus, more affordable): fun, bold, colorful prints by Marimekko:

Marimekko Unikko Rectangular Plate
Marimekko Tiara Pillow Cover

Tell us about your favorite designer!