SensoWash Starck: A Shower/Toilet Innovation


Treat yourself to sheer well-being and the pleasures of optimum design everyday with the luxuries of the SensoWash Starck. Like its name infers the SensoWash combines feeling with cleaning, providing a heavenly experience in a new toilet bidet combination. This novel concept was designed by the world renowned Phillipe Starck in conjunction with bathroom manufacturer Duravit.

The concept of a “shower toilet” has been popular in Asia for ages and has been gaining momentum in European markets in recent years as Europeans began discovering it on their travels. Duravit wished to set a new standard for this toilet in Asia, Europe and America and therefore teamed up with Starck to create a toilet that premier’s exceptional design and showering comfort in equal measure.

Sensowash-starck-toilet-showerThe SensoWash is an exceptionally flat, slender design that curves softly up the wall and ends in a sleek silver panel. The design is all about discretion and clear lines so the technical components were miniaturized to fit between the ceramic body and seat. The bidet aspect is only noticeable from the inside of the toilet with a stainless steel spray arm.

For maximum comfort the SensoWash has three shower types to choose from: The Rearwash leaves you feeling clean and fresh. The comfortwash uses forward and backward movement and a pulsating water jet for a more attentive wash.  The Ladywash has a specialized gentler jet for specific female comfort.  The water temperature, seat warmth, volume and position can all be adjusted to personal preference and two different user profiles can be stored in the system. Once you feel clean and fresh the next step is warm air drying.


The spray arm and nozzles are cleaned automatically before and after each use. Additionally both the spray arm and toilet seat have a protective antimicrobial coating. The entire unit is easily removable for effortless cleaning.


A hand sized remote control makes everyday use even more enjoyable. All the setting preferences are easily controlled with the flat buttons.

shower-toilet-sensowash-starck-duravitThe toilet lid and seat can also be electronically opened and closed with the handheld remote. The remote rests on a magnetic cradle where it’s neatly stored till its next use. Both the remote and toilet have special LED night lights for nighttime safety as well as a child safety feature which only lets the systems work when it senses a “real” user.

Understand the meaning of absolute satisfaction with the sensowash starck.

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  1. Cool pic! I too have seen really odd enntncemehas through the years. Good call on the cross-contamination aspect of this set-up. Inspectors need to be able to not only identify the issue, but to communicate it effectively. You have done both. Nice post!

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