The Only Authentic Flush-Mount Sink


Mila’s Atelier Series stainless steel sinks are an unforgettable addition the kitchen and bath. The Atelier sinks are the industry’s first and only stainless steel sinks designed to be flush mounted. This dramatic innovation revolutionizes the way sinks were thought of previously.


We’ve heard many companies say “gives a flush-mounted look” but never before has a company truly executed this feat, and so perfectly at that. The flush- mount imitations are in reality top-mounts, which leave a slight rim from sink to counter that stores grime and is not aesthetically pleasing. They are also not recommended to be used with any stone countertops and users are warned of the risk of imperfect edges.


Mila’s Atelier Series is a 16 gauge sink with a 5 gauge top that can be installed as a true flush-mount. There is absolutely zero rim between the sink and countertop so it’s impossible for dirt to get caught. The sink installation is uncomplicated and can be done in any material countertop from granite to butcher block, providing the same striking effect throughout.


Artistically beautiful and intensely innovative the unrivaled Atelier series has added a whole new category to the sink market.


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