Robern Uplift Mirrored Medicine Cabinets: High Function Style for Your Luxury Bathroom

Robern Uplift

The new Robern Uplift Mirrored Medicine Cabinet solves the never-ending battle against bathroom clutter with innovation and style, making it one of the most intriguing Robern bathroom vanities we’ve seen to date. The sleek mirrored doors of the cabinet open by sliding upward – rather than outward – allowing the mirror to span a seamless four feet wide. Behind the mirror hides ample storage for all of your bathroom items – makeup, toothbrushes, tweezers, first aid supplies., medicine, razors – in an artfully illuminated shelving unit with standard interior lighting. With Robern’s unique position-hold feature, you can open the doors all the way or just as much as you need to reach your toothbrush. The doors stay partially open on their own without slamming shut or needing to be propped up.

Also standard with the Robern Uplift Mirrored Medicine Cabinet are electrical outlets for up to six electronic devices, making it easy to store your electric shavers, curling irons and other devices without the hassle and unsightly tangle of sprawling electrical cords.

Robern is headquartered in Bristol, Pennsylvania, where it has existed since the company’s founding in 1968. Robern has driven product innovation in the mirrored bath cabinet category with user-friendly features that improve the convenience of day-to-day living. Robern bathroom cabinets boast aluminum-framed construction that is both sturdy and rust-free, offering the highest level of quality and durability.

And that’s just the beginning.
The Robern Uplift cabinet is fully customizable with a range of optional features to make your life easier and your bathroom more elegant. Optional add-ons include:

Robern Uplift - 36 Inch Cabinet with Sliding Mirror

  • Pull-out Magnifying Mirror: Neatly tucked away behind the sliding mirrored doors, this feature consolidates the magnifying mirror into your bathroom vanity for convenient access. The 3x magnifying mirror saves your back from the stress of leaning in towards the mirror.
  • Organizer Shelf: Eliminates clutter and optimizes the usable storage space in your Robern Uplift cabinet with style.
  • LCD TV Mount: Considering how many of us multi-task in the bathroom by watching the news or weather report as we get ready for the morning or evening, the LCD TV Mount simply makes sense. This gives you a convenient placement for your TV that’s discretely concealed when guests arrive.
  • LED Handle Night Light: The handle nightlight creates an alluring effect with the lights turned down as well as added safety as you find your way towards the light switch in the middle of the night.
  • Defogger: Steamy environments aren’t a problem for the Robern Uplift Cabinet. With the push of a button, your mirror remains clear as crystal even after a long, luxurious shower.
  • Uplift Pendant lights: With a mirror as expansive as the Robern Uplift, getting the ideal lighting is a challenge. Bathroom lighting should always be cast from the side, rather than above to avoid distorting shadows that give an inaccurate representation of how you’ll look once you’re out on the town or in the office. The Uplift Pendant lights solve this concern with striking grace with the optional Pendant lights. These lights provide ideal even lighting that’s bright enough for the most detailed tasks. Uplift lighting is also available in a wall sconce version.

With a design and function as innovative as Robern’s Uplift, you have to see it to believe it.

Robern Uplift mirrored cabinets are ergonomically designed with an eye towards sleek, clutter-free composure and pitch perfect bathroom décor. It’s called high function style and it won’t only make your life easier during your daily routine, Robern Uplift cabinets add a distinctive statement with a style and sensibility that puts even the most luxurious hotels and resorts to shame.
Imagine your bathroom with Robern Uplift cabinets – click here for pricing and details about the Robern Uplift Mirrored Medicine Cabinet.


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  1. I just happen to stumble upon this blog post, and think this is an awesome idea! Dealing with bathroom medicine cabinets, it is nice to see that someone is coming up with a new idea other than the standard tri-view mirrors that everyone installs. For the right home, this would be an incredible touch for a modern bathroom.

  2. magnifying mirror is awesome. Glasses have always been a good space expander. The room would look bigger than it’s actual size with that mirror. Thanks for sharing this awesome post here. It’s worth the read.

  3. Now this is unique! This just goes to show what can be designed with a little thought. I’m a perfect candidate for this cabinet. Bathrooms are notoriously short on electrical outlets, and the defogger is ingenious.

  4. Wow! This is one cool cabinet. It makes your storage issues easy to handle. Plus, it makes your bathroom look spiffy with its stylish design and provides a well-organized systems that eliminates the clutter.

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