5 Modern Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of your modern bathroom. Vanities set the tone for the look and feel as well as provide storage and serve as the housing for your bathroom sink and faucet and your bathroom mirror. Modern bathroom vanities have clean lines, innovative designs and both functional and visual appeal.  To coax out a fresh, contemporary look for your bathroom, consider one of these vanities. Fairmont Designs Shaker 24″ Vessel Sink Stand

This Fairmont vanity makes a modern statement by putting an old time twist on the bathroom sink. A perfect pedestal for a vessel sink, this vanity evokes a stately chest of drawers, conjuring an environment one would expect from an elegant parlor. With virtually no visible plumbing to speak of, guests will be pleasantly surprised by its innovative design.

Sonia Flat 20 & P04

Design from Sonia vanities capitalizes on sleek simplicity. As part of our most updated and modern collection, this vanity has an understated delivery that contributes to a no-frills modern bathroom. Simply decorative, but absolutely functional, this vanity gives an open, uncluttered look with bold lines.

Sonia Furniture Straight/Midi Bathroom Vanity

This unique Sonia vanity brings your bathroom to an entire new level of functionality and design. Melding the smooth look and easy clean up of a glass countertop with the classic allure of wooden cabinetry, this vanity is the best of two worlds. Made of American maple, the water resistant cabinetry paired with this glass vanity and basin will stay beautiful for years.

Porcher Archus Cabinet

With a deep ebony finish that retains the character of the maple grain, this eye-catching vanity from Porcher would be equally at home in a modern art museum. Two side front doors open for spacious cabinetry, making this sophisticated piece deceptively functional.

Nameeks Royo Bath Spazio Vanity

This vanity from the Royo Bath collection from Nameeks is a study in clean perfection.With a low profile Bianca washbasin, this vanity has an orderly, masculine presence. Melding metallic brilliance with teak, grey or walnut cabinetry, Nameeks’ vanity brings your bathroom into the 21st century with class.

Transforming your bathroom into a modern marvel takes a keen eye and measured execution. As the focal point for your bathroom, the vanity plays an integral role in setting off the exact mood and atmosphere that appeals to contemporary tastes. For more modern vanities and contemporary design ideas, browse through our collection of bathroom vanities.


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  1. These vanities just adds the kind of touch to make the area look more appealing. Cabinets can also work wonders in bathroom and kitchens. They add style as well as function as storage systems.

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