4 Vanities that will make you say wow


Cadillac Converj Concept Car

Many times designers and manufacturers will design products that never make it to production. Many of us have seen pictures of concept cars. It’s a prototype made to showcase a concept, new styling, technology and more. Here we showcase some bathrooms vanities that have not yet made it to production.

“Why are we showcasing these?” you ask, well we love new ideas and designs, and if you’r reading this post you probably do to. So feast your eyes and get some inspiration for your own bathrooms.

Devon & Devon

Devon & Devon defines chic. With show rooms in Florence, Milan, Paris, Rome, Turin and Vienna, Devon & Devon is a name that envoke respects by those in the design industry. Below is just one example of a vanity with a magnificent design concept  that can be found at Devon & Devon.



With a range of elegant products, Bizzotto brings you a bathroom master piece which plays on your emotions. Made of extremely refined pieces of marble this bathroom console uses modern fixtures to create a true antique atmosphere.bizzotto-sink


“25 years dedicated to style”. Branchetti aims to combine a taste for style with the need of functionality to design a comfortable living space. This Glossy black lacquer bathroom furniture with a insert & full top in champagne glass captures your attention and inspires the imagination.



The classic queen by BMT.  Arredobagno is a creation of one of the most outstandingly beautiful vanities with a harmonious and evocative shape in an elegant gold colour.arredobagno-classic-queen-vanity


4 thoughts on “4 Vanities that will make you say wow”

  1. I wish they would sell these vanities. not that i could afford but at least then i can wish i could afford it

  2. These are amazing to look at but. . . maybe not the most functional looking. The look as if they are what you would find in some swanky hotel or maybe an upscale home in the city, not for the everyday bathroom look that I wish to complete. I need something that is more than beautiful, but rather a vanity that is functional yet attractive at the same time. Not quite what I see here, although I am sure they are the perfect fit for someone.

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