Top 10 Bathroom Vanities

Sienna Vanity ThumbBathroom vanities come in many shapes, styles, and colors. Some vanities are meant to provide ample room for your sundries, toiletries, makeup and other items, while others are contemporary and sleek. You’ll find that bathroom vanities are also made from a wide variety of materials including wood, stone, and steel. There’s a nearly infinite number of selections when it comes to bathroom vanities, each one specifically designed to fit your particular needs and match your bathroom decor.

Looking for ideas? Check out our list of top 10 bathroom vanities. As you can see, these range widely in price, style and design – but all are of exceptional quality.

Fairmont Designs Shaker Vanity

The Fairmont Designs Shaker 36" Vanity - 125-VH36

If you’re looking for a minimalist design, then the Fairmont Designs Shaker Open Shelf Vanity is for you. While this vanity is sleek and sophisticated, it is also clean and contemporary. This bathroom vanity is available in Dark Cherry or Polar White.

Sienna Complete Vanity Set
Sienna 24 Complete Vanity Set-Dark Cherry Blowout Price - SI24D

Clearance Item

Stylist and chic, the Sienna Vanity Set comes with a Dark Cherry mirror and a cream marble countertop with matching white bowl. Embellished woodwork gives this vanity a look all its own, while the cream marble countertop make this piece entirely eye-catching.

Fairmont Designs Open Shelf Vanity

The Fairmont Designs Shaker 48" Vanity - 125-VH48

If you’re looking for a bathroom storage solution, then this is the vanity for you. The Fairmont Designs Open Shelf Vanity includes four drawers and two deep cabinets for extra storage. In addition, this piece also has a bottom shelf that’s great for towel storage.

Vintage Stone 48″ Vintage Cabinet with Granite Top

48" Vintage Vanity with Granite Top
Looking for a bathroom vanity that makes a statement? The Vintage Stone Vintage Cabinet with Granite Top is anything but shy. This large and intricately carved piece is as stunning as it is practical. With plenty of storage space, nickel hardware, and a large and lovely mirror, this is the piece that will tie your bathroom together.

Duravit Fogo Collection Wall Mount Vanity Unit

Duravit Fogo Collection Wall Mount Vanity - 9572
For those who need to conserve bathroom space, the Duravit Fogo Collection Wall Mount Vanity is the ultimate piece. This vanity attaches directly to a bathroom wall, so you don’t have to worry about occupying any floor space. You’ll also love the extra storage compartments that this vanity includes.

Fairmont Designs Contour Vanity, Sink, and Mirror Combo

Fairmont Designs Contour 23" Vanity, Sink and Mirror Combo - 148-V23

This vanity may be on the smaller side, but it still has plenty of personality. When you want a vanity that adds a delicate splash to a bathroom space, this piece is an excellent choice. Ideal for small spaces, the Fairmont Contour Vanity is entirely chic.

Empire Lido Collection Bathroom Vanity

Empire Lido 30" Vanity - L30-20
This vanity has all the charm of an antique piece, but it is made from entirely modern materials. Complete with delicate carvings and extra storage space, the Empire Lido Vanity is sure to make an impression. This particular vanity is also available in an array of other sizes to fit any space.

Fairmont Designs Vanity and Sink

Fairmont Designs Shaker 21" - 125-V21

Contemporary design sets this vanity apart from the rest. While the Fairmont Designs Vanity and Sink doesn’t take up a lot of space, it does have plenty of character. Whether you’re looking to make a splash or just to fill in a bathroom space, this vanity is an excellent choice.

Ronbow Contempo Collection Athena

Ronbow Contempo Athena Vanity with Ceramic Sink top - CC1218
Transform your bathroom into a Grecian getaway with the Ronbow Contempo Collection Athena. While entirely contemporary, this bathroom vanity also displays classic lines. Three pull-out drawers and one spacious cabinet provide plenty of room, while the vanity itself creates a cozy bathroom space.

Empire Biltmore White Vanity

Empire Biltmore 48" White Vanity - B48W
Bring some classic charm to your bathroom with the Biltmore White Vanity. Straight lines, classical carvings, and traditional pulls make this vanity completely chic. Placing the Biltmore in your bathroom is sure to create a space that’s functional and practical.

We hope this list of popular bathroom vanities has provided ample inspiration for your own bathroom remodel or renovation. Check out the rest of our bathroom vanities to find something that fits your style, taste and budget.