Vanity Power: A focal point…The essence Of Good Design

A bathroom vanity can work perfectly as the centerpiece of your bathroom. It’s essential to pay close attention to design detail and understand the function the vanity is playing.

Ambella Home Park Avenue Sink ChestWhether you have a cohesive room flow or not, keep in mind that finding a focal point is of the essence in creating a complete room. Incorporating a spotlight into a room helps create a better flow and cleaner lines in your design. Particularly, if you’re looking to sell your home, having properly designed rooms that will pull and focus the potential buyer can translate to big money.

Ambella Home Martinique Medium Sink ChestAmbella Home Contemporary Stone Sink ChestIf your bathroom does not have a natural focal point you have the opportunity to make a bold statement with your vanity. Bathroom vanities are a powerful and adaptable piece of furniture and work easily as a centerpiece (If you’re running short on space, bathroom vanities are also exceptional for bathroom storage). You may not have given it much thought but a bathroom vanity is actually one of the most often used fixtures in a home.

Whitehaus Wood Set Bathroom Vanity

An appropriate bathroom vanity is designed with certain requirements for functionality, efficiency and attractiveness in mind. This attention to detail can make a big difference to the appearance of your whole room, especially if it’s the focal point. Vanities come in a variety of different styles, from ornately carved wood for an antique effect to sleek, modern designs. Not surprisingly you can find bathroom vanities in as many styles, colors and sizes as you could imagine. A huge range of bathroom vanities, serving your functional, budgetary, and aesthetic needs, can be found at fantastic prices simply by browsing our large line of bathroom vanities.Ambella Home Provincial Doubler Sink Chest

Enjoy your bathroom remodeling experience!