The Duravit Paiova Corner Tub

Duravit brings the bathroom to life. The entire bathroom! Duravit has always thought outside the box.

Duravit was simply looking for a “corner bathtub”. In response, EOOS design group designed the Paiova, a new class of bathtub that can be put in a corner – but doesn’t have to be.

“In our preliminary research, we found that corner bathtubs are often seen as a luxury, even though their useful volume isn’t greater by all that much. So we tried to figure out what actually constitutes the luxury of a bathtub,” Martin from Founder of Eoos recalls.

What EOOS came up with was the innovative idea of a wedge-shaped, double space, ground plan. To make the tub even more luxurious, ingenious optional extras include large and small raised platforms, containers on casters, grab bar and neck rest. The wood shades of the bath panels are available to match all Duravit furniture ranges. Practical: thanks to its unusual shape, Paiova also offers plenty of space for unlimited showering enjoyment.

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