Color of the Month: Decorating with Aubergine

There’s no denying it: winter’s here. Time to hunker down inside as much as possible (unless you’re the winter sports type). A time that inspires us to think in darker colors to suit the long nights and cold days. Don’t worry, though – winter colors are dark, but they don’t have to be dreary. The perfect example: aubergine, also known as eggplant.

Aubergine is a deep, glamorous shade of purple reminiscent of – obviously – an eggplant’s skin. You may think that purple is a little girl’s color, but aubergine is anything but – it’s purple, all grown up.

Like a natural eggplant, aubergine refers to a large variety of shades ranging from almost black to a plum-like hue.

Because of its depth, aubergine is a shade that is generally found in small doses throughout the home, as an accent rather than a main color. It pairs beautifully with neutrals, especially white and gray to lighten it up. If you’re daring, however, and want to mix it up with bright colors, choose yellow or green and tread carefully.

The cool, restful tones of aubergine make it perfect for a sophisticated bedroom; it’s dark without being overpowering. Make sure your bedroom is adequately lit to avoid a cave-like feel, especially when painting walls dark.
In the bathroom, eggplant perks up a neutral color scheme without being garish or childish.
Cheviot 2161
Cheviot Carlton Cast Iron Bath with Continuous Rolled Rim
If your kitchen is large, well-lit, or primarily neutral, you can use large amounts of aubergine safely. Just be wary of overdoing it; lightening or brightening the shade can make it more kitchen-friendly.
For a formal dining room that’s not red or black, eggplant is an excellent choice.
(We’re loving the unusual combination of rust and eggplant here – it actually works!)
Like bedrooms, living rooms are cozy when decorated in deep aubergine. Be sure to incorporate plenty of natural light and balance with pale accessories if you go for eggplant as a main color. If you prefer an overall lighter look, decorate with aubergine accents such as feature walls, furniture, and rugs.
Eggplant can even work on the outside of your house – it’s purple without suggesting that Barney lives there.
Tell us: which shade of purple is your favorite? What’s your favorite winter color?