Contemporary Faucet Styles for Kitchen, Bath and Bar

A modern home requires modern fixtures, and this begins in the major rooms of the home. Your property value goes up when your kitchen and bath look their best, so you must have up-to-date fixtures in place. The three options below are an excellent place to start.

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This simple faucet has a small footprint and wing-like controls. It is tall, ensuring you can get even the largest vase under it, yet it is elegant. The thin neck makes it graceful and light, while the fatter base keeps it in place securely.

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This unusual faucet allows a waterfall to come down into your sink. Best paired with a bowl sink, it truly creates a futuristic look within your bathroom. There are similar faucets available for use with your bathtub, too.

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The great thing about this faucet set is that you have your traditional tap and an instant hot water dispenser as well. This allows you to quickly get hot water into a pot for dinner, or to fill a kettle so that it takes less time to boil. The main tap is interesting to the eye due to its off-center design and rounded-square-corner neck.

Wherever you plan to add a new faucet, including a modern option is always the best bet. Contemporary style is clean, bright and bold, and it will impress any guest who is able to use it. What sort of faucet are you planning to install in your home?


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