Decorating your Mantel: The Traditional to The Unusual

Whether your fireplace is real or electric, the mantel above it is ripe for you to decorate. What should one put there? How can it be decorated without looking tacky or cluttered? Find some examples below to help you figure out the answers.

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A simple black and white motif with photo frames and candles is timeless. When you want to perk it up for a holiday, add a bowl of metallic Christmas spheres or a few miniature gourds. In the summer, a jar of seashells or sand will look exceptional. Come fall, dust the mantel with a layer of colorful foliage.

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Your photo frames can even ascend up the wall. This allows you to show off even more beautiful shots of your family on vacation or at an event. Include tall decor items as well, like the branches on the left, to lead the eye up to the top of the frames. Initials personalize the whole piece.

Flickr by kelleylmoore

When fall comes, you can adorn your mantel with hay, gourds, glass vases and candles. Of course, never leave the candles unattended if they are near dry hay! Gold embellishments make a sparkly addition to this design.

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If gold and gourds are not to your liking, you can pick up this beautiful wooden vase at Walmart and fill it with reeds. A layer of (fake) fall oak leaves adds a vibrant overall color. The bright lantern provides candle light in a safe format.

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If your fireplace doesn’t already have a mantel, why not add shelves up towards the ceiling?

What do you have on your mantel?


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  1. Love these mantel designs… so unique! I actually have a small custom striped awning above my mantel. It makes my living room look like a little french bistro and I love it.

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