MTI Brand Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Established in 1988, MTI has quickly become a recognized player in the bath and kitchen market. They offer a full line of bath and kitchen fixtures, including whirlpools, sinks, bathtubs and more. They have over 200 different models of tubs, shower enclosures and other bath and kitchen products, many of which have won awards for their style and function.

One thing that sets MTI apart is their level of customization. While customers can order out-of-the-box products for their next bathroom or kitchen redesign, they can also have products customized in look, feel and size. MTI is a good company to choose when you are designing a kitchen or bathroom with hard-to-fit angles. MTI will customize for nearly any size to be compatible with your next project.

Here is a sample of the MTI line of bath and kitchen products:

  • MTI Bath Pedicure Sinks: Get the look and comfort you’d find at a professional pedicurist right in your home, with the MTI Bath Pedicure Sink. These units can be installed in a counter-top, or choose the free-standing models with built in seat.
  • MTI Kitchen Laundry Sinks: Get your clothes extra clean with a MTI Kitchen Laundry sink. These can be used independently of a washer, by using the high-powered jets and built-in washboard, or use it in combination with your washer to get out extra tough stains.
  • MTI Bath Basins: Whether you want a traditional in-counter bath basin, or a trendy above-counter model, the MTI Bath Basins are all solid, quality products that are pleasing to the eyes.

MTI develops kitchen and bath products that have an unexpected look, with an expected quality. Check them out for your next kitchen or bathroom project.