The Cantrio China Kitchen Sink

Cantrio Koncepts ChinaSemi Recessed Kitchen Sink

Cantrio Koncepts is a unique product supplier specializing in bathroom and kitchen sinks and vanities. Constantly evolving, developing and creating Cantrio Koncepts is offering a full range of kitchen sinks and vanities, produced from a variety of recycled materials, keeping in mind aesthetics, quality and price.

Introducing the new Cantrio Kitchen Sinks:

Cantrio Koncepts China Insert Kitchen Sink

The Cantrio China¬† kitchen sinks from Cantrio Koncepts are made with the highest quality ceramic material. Rectangular in shape, the ceramic kitchen sinks features pre-drilled 1-1/2″ center drains and pre-drilled hole for faucets and drain with overflow. Available in a White finish, the ceramic sink will brighten and define your kitchen with a high-end look. Matching bathroom sink accessories and vanities are available.

Cantrio Koncepts Semi Recessed Kitchen Sink and Countertop Kitchen Sink