The 15 Coolest, Funkiest and Most Original Sinks

Check out our most unique, extraordinary bathroom and kitchen sinks

Adagio Onyx Above Counter Basin

The  Onyx Above Counter Basin, by Adagio

Onyx is used as a gemstone and also translates beautifully into design.  The onyx sinks are noted for their translucence and luminescence.  Adagio’s above counter onyx sink has lasting beauty that will not fade, but only improve with time.

WS BAth Collection Gulia Ceramic Hand Painted Basin

Ceramic Hand Painted Basin, by WS Bath Collection

Brilliant detail and unparalleled versatility, A pure, and timeless beauty.

WS Bath Collection Metal Undermount Basin

Heart Shaped Metal Undermount Basin, by WS Bath Collection

Designed by JANDELLE Paris, an exceptional piece of refined and innovative hand-hammered metal.

Dvontz The Becha Spring Pedestal

The Becha Pedestal, by D’Vontz

The Becha pedestal  is sure to make a contemporary statement in your fashion conscious  room. This sink and pedestal simply begs for attention.

Linkasink Cloisonne Dragon Vessel Mount Sink

The Cloisonne Dragon Vessel Mount Sink, by Linkasink

A finely crafted artisan sink for a beautiful home.

Oceana Glass Drop In Kitchen Sink

The Glass Drop In Kitchen Sink, by Oceana

The first durable glass kitchen sink on the market. The beauty of glass will touch your life.

Whitehaus Desert Hand Painted Fireclay Sink With A Desert Design

The Desert Hand Painted Fireclay Sink, by Whitehaus

If it is the “period” look you are after, consider our charmingly nostalgic Desert Scene fireclay sink.

WS Bath Collection Ceramic Hand Painted Flower Basin

The Guilia Ceramic Hand Painted Flower Basin, by WS Bath Collection

A charmingly fresh work of hand painted art

DreamLine Double Layer Glass Bowl

The Double Layer Glass Bowl, by DreamLine

A high quality, creative design plus exceptional value.

WS Bath Collection Wall Mount Washstand Stainless Steel and Glass Sink

The Wall Mount glass and steel Washstand, by WS Bath Collection

Discover the tradition of fine hand craftsmanship, warmth of  material, and beauty of design.

Hastings Samoa Wall Hung Basin

The Samoa Wall Hung Basin, by Hastings

The Samoa designer washbasin is a creation of Mattheo Thun, an Italian designer. Designed for Ceramica Catalano and inspired by the island Samoa, it is best described by Thun as “Samoa is a pond-like shallow basin sunk in a slim slab and meant to inspire the user to ‘daydream’ away while starting the day ‘off a faraway atoll’ “.

WS Bath Collection Above Counter Ceramic Round Kitchen Sink

Above Counter Ceramic Round Kitchen Sink, by WS Bath Collection

A genuinely unique work of modern art.

WS Bath Collection Metal Drop In Basin

Gold Star Metal Drop In Basin, by WS Bath Collection

The result of authentic work that stems from a long tradition of craftsmen and four decades of perpetuating the ancestral art of metal sheet work.

Linkasink Cloisonne Green Leaf Flat Bottom Undermount Sink

Cloisonné Green Leaf Flat Bottom Undermount Sink, by Linkasink

Cloisonné is an ancient art form that is most commonly used in creating jewelry and small art objects. The art of cloisonné is familiar among those who enjoy art from Asia as well as designers, architects and most end consumers. Linkasink’s cloisonné sinks are authentically hand crafted at a factory in China that has been creating cloisonné objects since the 14th Century.

Scarabeo Tsunami 90 Basin

Tsunami 90 Basin, by Scarabeo

Tsunami: possibly the only Japanese word that has been introduced and is utilized in all the world’s languages, the term used to define a giant wave of unusual height.This is the starting point and source of inspiration that allowed Giovanni Calisti and Massimiliano Braconi to design this essential washbasin for Scarabeo: absolutely necessary, yet with sober shapes and without useless tinsel, a perfect marriage between utility and simplicity.

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