5 Famous Kitchens

Celebrities have kitchens, too. In shows like Road Rules, MTV Cribs, The Martha Stewart Show and movies like Speed Racer, the kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets often play a bit role. Below, we’ve highlighted a few notable kitchen sink and kitchen faucet appearances on the big and small screen.

Road Rules – Everything and The Kitchen Sink


This is a photo of the RV from MTV’s Road Rules 2007. It looks like they brought everything they needed along with them, including a microwave, a breadbox and a stainless steel dual-sink with separate hot and cold handles. While this sink was probably installed out of necessity (it isn’t easy doing plumbing for a vehicle!) you can get a similar dual handle look in your kitchen without wheels with a widespread kitchen faucet.

John Goodman’s California Kitchen


This well lit kitchen boasts two kitchen sinks and faucets: one by the window for a pleasant vista while whoever washes John Goodman’s dishes cleans up and another sink on the island for convenient access for entertaining and bar prep. If you’re considering getting a similar bar faucet, check out the California Faucets Bar Faucet collection.

Oprah’s Hawaiian Paradise Kitchen


This brightly designed kitchen is located in Oprah Winfrey’s Hawaiian home. Featured in O Magazine,the kitchen faucet and sink in the island make for easy hosting for a friendly, social breakfast. The dual handles give the sink a traditional, symmetrical look, which you can achieve with a sink and faucet such as the Grohe Bridgeford High Profile Wideset.

Speed Racer Set


This retro kitchen appeared on the set of Speed Racer. Set and art direction was handled by Owen Paterson, who also worked on The Matrix. Here you see a nice tiled backsplash and a space-saving wall-mounted kitchen faucet. If you’re looking to save on counter space and hide plumbing, check out some of our wall-mount kitchen faucets.

The King’s Kitchen


This photo of Elvis Presley Graceland Kitchen was taken by superba_. The lighting and decor is definitely 70s. If we were to update the King’s breakfast nook, we could put in a single lever faucet or maybe a pull-out kitchen faucet. Of course, we wouldn’t want to mess with Elvis’ sense of style – he is The King after all.

Celebrity homes and TV kitchens have star power, but for your less famous home, the kitchen sink and kitchen faucet play starring roles. Whether you are complimenting your carefully composed decor or simply want to have the most convenient and efficient performance at your fingertips, choosing the ideal kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets is key.