Creative Uses for an Awkward Alcove

There’s one in every home – even custom-built McMansions. An odd corner, a useless landing, an impractical niche, a weird loft… they all fall under the dreaded “dead space” category. Fortunately, with some creative thinking you can usually fill that space in a useful (or at least decorative) way. If your dead space happens to be an alcove, read on; today we’ll show you how to turn it into a powerhouse!

An alcove is a three-sided area with the fourth side open to a room or other space. In the bathroom, an alcove is the perfect spot for an alcove tub, a well-fitted vanity, extra shelving, or a shower.

MTI Cameron 1 Alcove Whirlpool Tub
Oceania Sublime Comfort Air Tub
DreamLine Aqua Frameless Shower Door
Bathroom by Matthew Bolt Graphic Design
Photo by Carsten Arnold Photography
Fireplace alcoves (the spaces on either side of a fireplace) are common, and often underutilized. Fill them with the typical shelves or cabinets or get creative and insert a desk, a bench, or firewood storage.
Living Room by Brayer Design
Living Room by Rebecca Hayes Interiors
Living Room by Alex Findlater Ltd
Living Room by The Log Basket
Change that larger alcove from a weird-shaped nuisance to that room you’ve always wanted: a music room, a dining room, a breakfast nook, an office or mail station, a library, or even a guest room!
Dining Room by W Design Interiors
Home Office by Atticus & Milo
Dining Room by Knight Architects
Photo by 82mmphotography
Entryway by REFINED LLC
Home Office by Reiko Feng Shui Design
Home Office by Young & Burton, Inc.
Carve out space for room-sharers with personal alcoves or create a cozy private spot in any bedroom:
Bedroom by Soorikian Architecture
Bedroom by Christian Gladu Design
Even if you have plenty of space or are designing a custom plan, you may want to consider an alcove for sheer visual interest!
Photo by Kristine
Kitchen by Meyer & Meyer, Inc.
Patio by Studio William Hefner
Dining Room by Laura Kirar
Living Room by Key Residential
Kitchen by In Detail Interiors

Do you have an alcove? Would you include one in a new floor plan?