World’s Coolest Garages: Awesome Places to Keep Your Car

Oh, the garage. There’s (almost) nothing less thrilling and more I’m-living-in-a-’90s-sitcom than coming home and pulling your car into the garage before going inside to greet your munchkins and eat dinner. Sure, you can jazz up your garage door if that’s your thing, but your standard drive-in garage is never going to measure up to these awesome garages. Check out some of the world’s coolest garages:

Garage by Allen Construction

Urban dwelling means limited parking spots. An automatic lift in your garage gives you two parking spaces for the price of one! (Well, not including the cost of the lift, but you get the idea.)

Garages by Peter Kunz Architektur

Garage with a view. And those cars are pretty sweet themselves!

Garage by TR Building & Remodeling Inc.

You can pretend you’re a James Bond villian with a concealed underground parking spot. Ah, we meet again, Mr. Bond.


Pure vintage awesomeness in this retro garage. Those old Texaco pumps are perfection.

And now for the coolest of them all.

The Porsche Design Group has partnered with exclusive Miami-area Dezer Development to create the first-ever Porsche Design Tower. Located on Sunny Isles Beach, just north of Miami Beach, the beachfront tower is an impressive 57-story luxury building with 132 units ranging in size from 3,800 to 9,500 square feet, a private residents-only restaurant, onsite spa, and countless amenities.

Porsche Design Tower

What’s the best part? If you’re spending upwards of $4 million on a condo, it had better be something big. And it is!

One of the downsides of living in a building is the lack of a garage. Sure, you have a parking spot, maybe a valet, but not a garage. In the Porsche Design Building, however, every unit has a garage – and a car elevator to whisk you up to your home in your car!

That’s right. You drive your car into one of three glass elevators and enjoy the ocean view as you ascend to your residence, where you park your car in a glassed-in garage so that you can enjoy looking at it from your living room.

Porsche Design Tower

If you have the dough to drop on one of these units, act fast – most of the residences are reserved, but the penthouse is still available!

Porsche Design Tower Penthouse

Forget ’90s sitcoms. This is what happens when the Jetsons win the lottery!