Cool & Creative Garage Doors

The garage door can be the bane of a decorator’s existence. Clunky, ugly, oversized… it’s difficult to make it look nice without it becoming an unwanted focal point on the exterior of the house. But never fear, it can be done!

Some go for unobtrusive with a concealed door, achieved by blending the door material with the house cladding or siding:

Home by DE atelier Architects
Photo by Andrew Snow
Home by Daniel Marshall Architect
Home by Mackenzie Pronk Architects
Some hide it by putting the door(s) in unexpected places:
Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography
And some even style the entire structure to hide it. This building houses an entire airplane behind an unassuming facade:


But if you want to go to the opposite extreme and have some fun, you can turn the garage door into a work of art. Door murals and decals (made by manufacturers like StyleYourGarage and available all over the Web – you can find them on eBay) can make your garage door a conversation piece. Use one to make the neighbors think you have something that you don’t…

Airplane hangar garage door decal
Boat garage door decal
Dump truck garage door decal
Police garage door decal
Motorcycle garage door decal
Fire truck garage door decal

…or that you don’t have anything at all:

Road garage door decal
Empty garage decal

What’s your style – inconspicuous or in-your-face?


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  1. It is usually pretty obvious when a spring is broken,the door won’t work and the spring is in two pieces.

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