15 of the Coolest Fireplaces to Curl Up Next To This Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside… these gray, bleak, freezing days are just right for playing hooky, snuggling under the covers in warm socks and PJs, and bingeing on books and hot chocolate with marshmallows. The only thing that could possibly make that scenario better: a fabulous fireplace.

Seriously, is there anything better than sitting beside a crackling fire while the wind howls outside your frosty window?

As it turns out, there is something better – putting that crackling fire inside one of the world’s coolest fireplaces (no pun intended).

These 15 truly hot fireplaces will warm you up (and make you extremely jealous) on these miserably cold days.

Whether you put them in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom (#designgoals!), these fireplaces will warm your house and your soul. Check out our faves!

Fireplace by Planika USA

I could sleep here.

Bathroom by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

“I get cold in freestanding bathtubs.” Problem solved.

Living Room by Pursley Dixon Architecture

There’s a vague scary-house vibe to this room, but those chairs are simply irresistible. (Maybe it’s a trap!)

Living Room by Artichoke

Open-plan room divider? Check. Double-duty warmth? Check. Ultra-awesome. Double check!

Living Room by CF + D custom fireplace design

Sculptural, functional, and built-in firewood storage. Yes, please!

Living Room by Hammer Architects

The chimney’s gotta go through the ceiling anyway, so why not make the whole thing float?

Living Room by Diligence International

Nobody ever said that the mantle has to be on top of the fireplace…

Fireplace by Focus Creation

No wall can contain this fire!

Coffee Table by MOMA Design

You need a coffee table anyway. May as well make it a multifunctional one!

Gargoyle Fireplace

Do not anger this fireplace. (It’s one of several at the Villa della Torre in Italy.)

Fireplace by CF + D custom fireplace design

High drama, sophistication, and fiery warmth. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Fireplace by Dezign Inspirations

Fire & water – and (hopefully) really clever design to protect those fish!

Fireplace by Caleo

Just be sure guests know not to put books on the top shelf…

Spherical Fireplace by Marine Mine

THIS is how you introduce industrial awesomeness into an otherwise bland room. Perfection!

Kitchen by miller design

Warm up the whole house (see the bedroom in the background?) and look fabulous doing it.

What’s the coolest fireplace you’ve seen?