The Walls Are Alive: Bring Spring Inside

Nothing says “spring” quite like an abundance of fresh green plants. Living walls, or green walls, are becoming increasingly popular in home decorating; they’re crisp and vibrant, available in countless customizable configurations and colors (say that five times fast!), and fully removable if one would like to change the decor without drastic and costly work. And best of all, they’re not only stylish; vertical gardens are good for you, too!

Plants are natural toxin eliminators. They purify our air by removing pollution and releasing energy-rich oxygen. Gardens have been proven to increase productivity, decrease stress, and promote health, well-being, and tranquility. Plus, exterior living walls provide insulation (and consequently reduce energy consumption), noise dampening, and protection from the elements, while giving birds and other beings a natural habitat. What could be better?

Okay, so maybe that’s going a tad overboard. There can be too much of a good thing. Better to stick with an intricate beauty like this one:

Or a simpler one like this:
Now, why restrict the garden to the outdoors? Living walls have begun to move indoors as well. And why not? Those health benefits are even more important inside the home. Add plants to a living area for interest and – quite literally – a breath of fresh air:

No natural light? No problem! A bit of green – or a whole lot of it – can make a windowless room feel like it’s in the backyard:
To up the tranquility factor of your bedroom or bathroom, try a vertical garden (even a small one – every plant counts). Bonus: it’s a natural air purifier. Who wouldn’t want to breathe a little easier?
And if you really want to reap all of the health benefits, plant a vertical herb garden in your kitchen. Instant freshness!
Some of us (who will remain unnamed) at Quality Bath have earned the title of “plant assassin.” We want to hear from you gardeners: how do you keep a green wall in tip-top shape?