The Fifth Wall: Designing Your Ceiling

The ceiling is frequently neglected when it comes to decorating a room. What many people don’t realize is that the ceiling has the potential to infuse a room with drama and flair, in a way that the typical four walls cannot achieve.

Confused about how to make your ceiling work for you? These pictures will help you see how the right ceiling can transform a room!

Drop ceilings

The standard drop ceiling is made up of ceiling tiles and often evokes visions of school and hospital buildings. Don’t worry – the drop ceiling can be lovely too, with a bit of paint:

Or decorative ceiling tiles:
Tray ceiling
A popular and attractive ceiling style is the tray ceiling. A tray ceiling is partially recessed, usually in the middle of the room, lending interesting detail to an otherwise plain ceiling. For added beauty, some tray ceilings are painted in contrasting colors or fitted with integrated lighting.
Coffered ceiling
Coffered ceilings, as their name implies, mimic ancient stone coffers with sunken panels.
Structural ceilings
Some ceilings boast structurally beautiful lines, like cathedral ceilings:
Decorative ceilings
Ceilings can be decorated in practically any wall covering, such as brick:
And even wallpaper!
Some prefer the industrial exposed beams and/or ductwork look. It can be painted for a cleaner, more subtle appearance.
What’s the most unusual ceiling you’ve ever seen?