Happy Shavuot everyone! What a fun holiday- full of heavenly dairy foods and beautiful flowers. What could be better? Flowers are so wonderful all year round, not just Shavuot. A pretty little bud can always bring a smile to my face, no matter where or when. So in honor of Shavuot I have gathered together some of my favorite flower vases for you to enjoy. Everyone has a favorite vase. Which is yours?

My favorite vases

Aquabrass Flower Widespread Faucet

This is my all time favorite vase. Actually as you can see it’s a cross between a vase and a faucet. Everytime you turn on the faucet the vase refills itself. Isn’t that a beautiful concept!

Windisch Addition Crackled Crystal Glass Series Vase

This delicate cracked glass cylinder vase looks divine on a table. For Shavuot you can line up three of them (or any glass cylinders) along the length of your table with three types of coordinating flowers. It’s simple and elegant.

Whitehaus Antonio Miro Porcelain Vase

The Antonio Miro vase is a real designer looking piece. I put it in my kitchen with a three hot-pink orchids cascading out and it looks fabulous!

Arteriors Large Tortoise Silver Glass Vase

I really love this vase for two reasons- #1 the tortoise style silver glass is alluringly gorgeous and #2 it’s large enough to make a serious fashion statement but the spout is small so you don’t need an enormous amount of flowers to fill it.

Arteriors Ebby Polished Nickel Vase

What many people don’t realize is that polished nickel vases work like a mirror- they reflect. So every time yo use this vase it will look a bit different. If you use four different table clothes over the Shavuot holiday it will look as if you have four different vases!

Ginger Kubic Bud Vase

This is another cylinder vase I enjoy very much. It’s great causeĀ  it’s really versatile- you can dress it up or down depending on the situation and it looks wonderful with almost any flower.

I love all these vases and use them all the time. It’s fun to pull them all out for Shavuot!

Make everyone smile and send in SEND IN a picture of your most cherished vase filled with flowers- can’t wait to see it!

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  1. I like the polished nickel vase. Maybe I should get that one for myself to keep my flowers in.

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