Create the Luxurious Spa You Deserve

MTI has presented another wonderful display of magnificent tubs. Whether your bathroom is modern, contemporary or traditional there will be a bathtub you absolutely adore. Fall in love with the beauty of these suave, luscious tubs. Get the at-home spa you need and deserve.

MTI Olivia Freestanding Soaker Tub
Olivia Freestanding Soaker Tub

Live a life bathed in luxury, beauty and comfort. Indulge in the Oliva Soaker Tub. Using the the MTI Sculpted Finish technology the tub has a seamless finish and polished exterior. It stands alone as a symbol of comfort, style, and appreciation of life.

MTI Elise 2 Air Bath
Elise 2 Air Bath

Romantic feelings and a soothing calm descend upon you when you luxuriate in the Elise 2 Air Bath.  Made of solid surface construction this ethereal tub has 20 gently massaging air jets and a heated blower. If you need a tranquilizer before going to bed this is the tub for you.

MTI Classic Series Retreat Tub
Classic Series Retreat Tub

Allure, charm, artistry. The aesthetics of this tub are only a small portion of its integral attraction. Perhaps one of the most transitional tubs attainable the Retreat Tub can be configured to virtually any combination your heart desires. Select from thermaltherapy, chromotherapy, audiotherapy and a host of other options to create the bathtub of your dreams.

MTI Boutique Collection Akana Soaker Tub
Boutique Collection Akana Soaker Tub

The Asaka Soaker tub is a classic creation. Clean and simple the single-piece constructed tub will complement any bathroom elevating its style and function.  Available with audiotherapy this tub was created for rejuvenation.

MTI Andrea 6 Freestanding Soaker Tub with 4-Sided Sculpted Finish
Andrea 6 Freestanding Soaker Tub

Modern, bold and beautiful the symmetrical Andrea Soaker tub defines minimalist design and maximum indulgence. The sleek, seamless freestanding tub, available with plenty of custom options, is as delightfully enjoyable as it is handsome.

MTI Alissa Freestanding Air Bath
Alissa Freestanding Air Bath

The curvaceous design of the Alissa tub make it remarkably intriguing.  Its clean, simple lines cannot hide its exquisiteness or the tantalizing urge you will alight once you’ve experienced the luxury of 20 air jets, a heated air blower and the convenience of a remote control. The Alissa tub is a freestanding beauty, the  focus of every bathroom it graces.

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  1. Beautiful photographs of some lovely bathrooms. Turning an outdated bath into an aesthetically appealing, luxurious bathroom like these can add to a homeowner’s enjoyment of his or her home while potentially increasing its value.

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