Nothing’s Impossible


Were you presented with a bathroom that seems impossible to make work? Discover Saniflo and you will learn that the words bathroom and impossible are an oxymoron.


With Saniflo’s upflush toilet systems you can install a bathroom virtually anywhere. Under the stairs, a tiny closet, the basement or garage. Not only can you install a toilet in unlikely places but Saniflo made it possible to install a washing machine, shower, bathtub, sink and laundry sink as well.

Saniflo systems allow you to install a complete bathroom up to 18 feet below the sewer line or 150 feet away from a soil stack. How is this possible? Unlike most toilets the Saniflo does not depend on gravity to get rid of waste. Saniflo uses a macerator device which is activated when the toilet is flushed. Within four seconds the waste in the tank is completely pulverized and can be pumped through a standard pipe into the septic or soil tank (up to 150 feet away!).  Once the process is completed the macerator deactivates, the toilet refills with water and the tank is clean and empty.

Saniflo is not just the only solution it’s also the more economical, hassle-free solution. Since the waste is pumped through a standard pipe it requires only minor construction and installation is extremely simple.  The saniflo upflush toilet uses no more than 1.6 USG per flush and takes just 7-9 seconds for a complete cycle ensuring minimal power consumption.

Next time a client asks you for a bathroom in the most unlikely place don’t be skeptical. You are guaranteed to find a Saniflo system that can solve even the most complicated plumbing dilemma, allowing you to create a beautiful bathroom where you never before thought possible.

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Saniflo Macerator


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