Lofty Living: Discover More Space with a Loft

No space? Get creative. You may have used as much floor space as you can without turning your house into a poster for Hoarders, but have you considered the vertical space?

Time to maximize all of your existing square (or rather cubic) footage – use that loft space.

Now, before you stop reading (“I don’t have a loft!”), we’re talking about loft-style pieces and spaces, not necessarily actual lofts (though we’ll address those too). We’re not looking at loft apartments (that’s for a different post!) but rather the room or space under the roof or furnishings inspired by lofts.

Loft spaces are awesome – they utilize dead space (do you really need another crawl space or haphazard half-attic?), are cozy and practical, and create defined zones in a single room (think little kid/big kid playroom, combo bedroom/office, or reading nook/hideout away from the rest of the living room).

Check these out. Lofts (and loft furnishings) are most commonly found in bedrooms, either with a full loft used for another purpose (study, guest bed, etc.) or a loft bed (not to be confused with a standard bunk bed – loft beds are typically suspended above a desk or chest of drawers, combining two pieces of furniture into one space-saving entity). Plus, an actual loft can be the perfect place to tuck a bed and some built-in storage:

Bedroom by Inglis Hall & Co. Ltd.
Bedroom by Merzbau Design Collective
Bedroom by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
Bedroom by Kia Designs
Bedroom by Kemp Hall Studio
Bedroom by Lark Architecture
Bedroom by Flea Market Sunday
Bedroom by Abby Hetherington Interiors
But lofts are not just for bedrooms, as these well-defined spaces throughout the home illustrate. They’re especially fitting in high-ceilinged rooms that may seem like a waste of space (two-story foyer, anyone?), but they can work just as well at standard heights:
Pool House by Siemasko + Verbridge
Living Room by dwelle.
Family Room by Chimera Interior Design
Playroom by elaine richardson architect
Playroom by Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc


Entry by Thinkterior LLC


Living Room by MaK Interior
Now go look through your house again and be amazed by the new (potential) spaces you’ll discover!