Tranquility, as it is known, is one of the most beautiful homes in the America. The home is owned by Tommy Hilfiger co-founder Joel Horowitz and is estimated to be worth over $100 million dollars. The estate, consisting of eight structures, sits on 210-acres in Lake Tahoe.

Boat House

With 38,000 SF of living space Tranquility is a dream home. It literally has every luxury imaginable! The Horowitzes  have nothing to fear if they are snowed in from one of the Nevada snow storms. You can be entertained in the home for ages without ever getting bored.


Tranquility is no ordinary celebrity home. It has many fascinating features which make it stand apart from any other luxury home I have ever seen.

Joel Horowitz-Indoor Pool

The Conservatory which houses the 100 ft pool has a retractable roof that automatically retracts once the room reaches a certain temperature. The conservatory also has a gym, spa and access tunnel to the main house.

Joel-Horowitz-Tranquility_StaircaseTitanic Staircase

Does this grand staircase look familiar? It is a replica of the main staircase in Titanic! The blue marble used at the foot of the stairs is the last available in the world!


The wine cellar has 3,500 bottles of expensive wines.

Living Room

The living room seems like a glamorous ski lodge. Luxurious yet inviting. Most of the home was modeled after a northern European mountain home.

Joel Horowitz-dining room

All in all the property has a main house, guest houses, gym, art studio, pool house, stables, dock, 16 car garage, in-house theater, 2 par 3 golf holes, wine cellar and cigar lounge.¬† That’s the life!!!

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  1. Wow! The lake nearby really does add to the tranquility effect! And that grand staircase is reaaly nice style.

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