“The Heat”- Will Smith’s Mobile Trailer

Here is something you’ve never seen before. Celebrities are infamous for taking things to the extreme but this is a new level!


This is Will Smith’s trailer that he used while filming “Men In Black III”. The actor had the 55-foot trailer parked outside the set on Broom Street, in the SoHo area of Manhattan. Resident and business owners in the area were reportedly furious at the infringement claiming the trailer was a nuisance interrupting their lives and businesses. Taking up so much space on a busy city street it must have been really annoying.


The trailer is really incredible to tour though. At $1.8 million it offers every imaginable luxury possible in a mobile home. As many of the neighborhood residents pointed out The Heat is more luxurious than almost every home in the area. The mobile home has 1,200-SF of living space with multiple lounges, a kitchen, a movie room, a make-up and wardrobe room and a full-service bar. Its completely decked out in marble, granite and plenty of leather.

Although it’s not fun having this parked outside your home it pretty cool to see. Check out these pictures obtained from the manufacturer, Anderson Mobile Estates.

The Heat









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