Luxury at a New Level

Do you think celebrities live rich? Well yes, your right!

Paris Hilton Dog House

This home a beautiful right? But no,  it’s not a celebrity’s home! It’s her dogs!!!

Celebrity Dog Mansion

GASP! Paris Hilton Built this 300,000 square-foot home for $325,000 behind her Beverly Hills Mansion for her dogs Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada.

Paris Hilton's dog house

The house has central air, a balcony and a black crystal chandelier. It is furnished entirely by Phillipe Starck.

Inside paris hilton luxury dog house

I hope no one unemployed or homeless is reading this post- this can hurt!

paris hilton dog's

Well they drive a Furcedes sooo…


4 thoughts on “Luxury at a New Level”

  1. Someone needs to tell her that dogs are not people – they do not need the things people need – they are animals and will stay that way no matter how fancy their homes and “cars” are.

  2. hey…can you please adopt me?!lol!my dog is happy with me even though she has a less fancy home…!luxury cant give you happiness ,anyway..:))

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