Kitchen Style from Celebrities

We look to celebrities for every area of fashion, so why not our kitchens? The stars have the highest-end decorators doing their homes so there is no better place to look to gather “design inspiration”.

I’ve gathered all different style kitchens, from the most famous celebrities, for you to get “inspiration” from- Enjoy!

Kitchens from the Stars
Nick Lachey-Jessica Simpson-kitchen
Jessica Simpson
Farrahs Fawcett-kitchen
Farrahs Fawcett
Sally Field-kitchen
Sally Field
Reese Witherspoon-kitchen
Reese Witherspoon
Marilyn Monroe
LeAnn Rimes
Kim Kardashians- Kitchen
Kim Kardashian
Kate Hudsons-kitchen
Kate Hudsons
Jennifer Lopez-kitchen
Jennifer Lopez
Halle Berry-kitchen
Halle Berry

My personal favorite is Jennifer Lopez’s kitchen. I love the gray/blue color of the cabinets and the white marble countertops. Which is your favorite?

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1 thought on “Kitchen Style from Celebrities”

  1. I love the Jessica Simpson’s kitchen – such warm colors and you don’t need such a large space for it. Although I don’t love the Marilyn Monroe’s kitchen as much – the country look is really nice too.

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