Design Star Challenge: 86-SF House!

We’ve spoken about the challenge of “living small” here a few times. Whether it’s for financial, environmental or convenience reasons these days the trend seems to be small. Families and individuals alike are trying to make it work in smaller homes than they were previously used to


Have you been following Design Star this season? Last night’s challenge was my favorite and so fitting to these times. Each of the final three contestants was given an entire home to decorate in just two days. Does that sound difficult? It gets harder. Each home had only 86 square feet of living space in which they needed to fit a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living area!


The houses started off totally empty so it was up to the contestants to create a floor plan and start from scratch. In such a small space every inch had to be utilized.

Check out what the design stars managed to create from these spaces. some are better than others but they are all inspirational.

Mark’s house

Mark Design star

Mark- Multi-functional-work-space-table


Mark- Kichen Herb Garden

Mark- argyle-belt-patern

Meg’s Home





Karl’s House




What do you think of their masterpieces? They only had two days to do everything so considering the circumstances I think they did an impressive job. I’m disappointed though that Mark was the one who had to leave. I actually thought his house was the most creative and it looked like it would be fun to live in.

What do you think? Which contestant would you choose to dismiss?


2 thoughts on “Design Star Challenge: 86-SF House!”

  1. I really think this one is unreal! I love their designs and the compact look along with creativity! They must have had pretty good designers helping them.

  2. wow – that’s quite small, I think no matter what is done with it it’ll still feel claustrophobic.

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