Decorating a Bachelor Pad

Hi all you bachelors out there! You may have noticed that most decorating tips are geared toward women. But in today’s society many males have an interest in having a cool, trendy home too. Gone are the days where a stereotypical bachelor’s pad meant wide-screen TV and spilled beer. Don’t get me wrong, most male homes still host those two items, they just don’t define them.  Today we will focus on how to create your personal male-centric home- cool, trendy, and stylish- with a definite guy twist.


When you’re at the start of a decorating project it’s important to begin at the most important place. From my years of experience 9 out of 10 men will tell me the living room is the most important and used room in their pads. The living room is also typically the entry-room as well so it’s where you will be setting the tone.

The Living Room

Bachelor-pad-plexiglass-coffee-tableKeep in mind, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your decorating project you can start small and still see big results. A trendy coffee table at the center of the room can really add an updated look at a small expense. If you want to be trendy keep to the minimalist style. Get yourself a low, rectangular table with small legs. Plexiglass looks really sharp and visually takes op zero room so that can be a good option. Simple designs are very versatile so you’ll be able to rearrange as you desire.

Bachelor-furniture-Modern-sofaSeating room is pretty important to a guy who hosts a lot. The sofa is often the guys most essential belonging. Try not to fall for the cliché “comfort or class”- you can have both!!! Get a straight lined, modern sofa that’s comfy too. There are plenty of them you just have to look. Get a sofa in a neutral color so it will be easy to match up the rest of your furniture.


Another fabulous idea is a daybed.  Daybeds are a trendy piece of furniture and provide the same purpose as a bench. They take up some room though so it’s not a solution for everyone. If yo need more seating solutions but don’t have room for it pile some beanbags in a corner and pull them out when company arrives.


If you already have a mini bar you are definitely on the right track, if not you still have hope. Keep it well stocked with a martini shaker, martini glasses, shot glasses and your favorite drinks. If you don’t have room for a mini bar don’t panic- a well stocked serving cart will do the trick and can look awesome too.

Coming up next…The Kitchen…Hmmmm…


3 thoughts on “Decorating a Bachelor Pad”

  1. Great advice,

    A lot guys underestimate the importance of having a quality couch. Considering we spend so much time there, eating, watching TV, relaxing, etc. you want to have something nice. Also, having a well stocked bar is key. The serving cart you mention is a great idea, something you can easily tuck away in a corner, or place against a wall while entertaining. I always keep a bottle of white wine in the fridge for my female guests, and always have a clean bathroom for them. That means the sink, countertop, and toilet bowl are void of anything that shouldn’t be there. A fresh roll of toilet paper also gives a great impression.

    Be proud of your bPad,

  2. Hi
    Were Can i buy the coffe table made of plexiglass??!
    Kind regards Henriette from Denmark

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