Modern Decorating: Furniture and Accents 101

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Modern design is defined by strong streamlined shapes, polished surfaces, and asymmetry. Designed correctly, with airy spaces, unadorned windows and bold accents this design style is intended to combine the interior décor with the exterior landscape creating a strong, beautiful expanse.

images2 Modern Decorating: Furniture and Accents 101

Today we’ll learn here the fundamental characteristics of modern style. We’ve already taught you about architecture and color- today we will discuss furniture and accents. To get the look right it’s important to stick to some basic rules.

Furniture and Accents


Following the lines and structure of the modern space you’re decorating, the furniture must be angular and streamlined. As we mentioned in Architecture and Color 101 modern design is characterized by simplification of form and subtraction of ornament from structure. Modern décor has to be done with a plan in mind. The furniture in your space has to pull inspiration from the structure surrounding it. The surfaces and finishes of modern furniture are generally sleek, smooth and polished. Stainless steel and chrome are commonly used as accents on the furniture, especially in the kitchen area.

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In modern design no object or shape in an area is insignificant. Each accessory serves a purpose in the overall décor and must make a statement.  To accomplish this accessories have to exhibit striking shapes, forms, or colors. To call out a special piece use spotlights for visual impact.

modern furniture Modern Decorating: Furniture and Accents 101

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