Three Distinctive Towel Warmers


Towel warmers make the world a better place – especially when you’ve just popped out of the shower and are looking for a comforting terry cloth embrace to ease you back into the cold, cruel world. Perhaps it’s not always that dramatic – but anyone who showers first thing in the morning on a winter day knows that shutting off the hot water and setting foot on the cool tile can be exercise in shock therapy. Towel warmers help make leaving the shower rewarding by letting you slip into a warm and toasty bathrobe or drying off with a “feels like its fresh out the dryer!” towel. You’ll save water – not just because you’ll cut back on long, procrastinating showers – but because a towel warmer keeps your towels fresh longer by reducing humidity to resist mildew and musty smells. Less laundry, lower water and gas bills and cozy towels – what more could you want?

While Myson towel warmers is one of the preeminent pioneers in distinctive, affordable towel warmers, we’ve seen other towel warmer designers produce some truly eyebrow raising innovations. Check out this quick overview to see how towel warmers can turn expectations on their head!

Myson Pearl Electric Towel Warmer

Myson Pearl Electric Towel Warmer
Myson Pearl Electric Towel Warmer

Myson Pearl is the exhibit A of all notable towel warmers. This easy-to-install plug in towel warmer is a breeze to own – both because the installation is simple (mount and plug in) and because it’s one of the most affordable towel warmers on the market. And with a brand name like Myson, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality and value. Myson Pearl certainly sets the standards for towel warmers – but read on to see how Wesaunard breaks the rules.

Wesaunard Cirqo 1 Towel Warmer

Wesaunard Cirqo 1 Towel Warmer-13.8 H - CIRQO 1
Wesaunard Cirqo 1 Towel Warmer-13.8" H - CIRQO 1

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This Wesaunard Cirqo towel warmer does exist and it’s fabulous. Measuring in at 13.8 inches high and extending out from the wall only 15 inches, this towel warmer makes smart use of space by adding artistry and lustre to your distinctive bathroom. And, of course, it warms towels with elegance – choose from hardwired, plug in or hydronic.

Wesaunard Electric Towel Warmer-51″ approx. – GUITAR

Wesaunard Electric Towel Warmer-51 approx. - GUITAR
Wesaunard Electric Towel Warmer-51" approx. - GUITAR

With this Wesaunard work of art in your bathroom, your guests are sure to comment on the lovely decor in your quirky, modern bathroom. “But that’s not just a decoration,” you’ll tell them. “That’s actually a towel warmer!” The Wesaunard Guitar Electric Towel Warmer rocks both personality and utility, adding levity to your bathroom’s style as well as warmth and comfort to your daily routine. It’s equal parts luxury and artistic expression – perfect for any music lover with a flair for style.

Like Prometheus bringing fire to the people, Myson paved the way with its groundbreaking towel warmer technology. Thanks to Myson’s pioneering towel warmers (which still remain popular and relevant today) innovative companies like Wesaunard can expand imaginations with designs that lighten your heart and warm your shoulders.

Looking to add depth, luxury and warmth to your bathroom, kitchen, yacht, cabin or mud room? Think towel warmers.

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