Bathroom Luxuries Fit for a Celebrity

car-family-vacationAs anyone who’s ever been on the road knows, travel can be rough. Musicians, actors and politicians fall into an interesting subset of high class individuals accustomed to the utmost in comfort and class who are consistently forced to eat, sleep and relax outside of their comfort zones. In order to entice hardworking, road-weary luminaries, hotels go to great lengths to make their accommodations every bit as luxurious and comfortable as the opulent abodes they likely have back at home. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the essential comforts that hotels have integrated into their luxury bathrooms in order to make celebrities feel at ease.

Luxurious Towel Warmers

hotel-de-russieWhen touring Europe, Bruce Springsteen is known to stay at the lavish Hotel De Russie in Rome, Italy. The simply elegant accommodations at Hotel De Russie come with city views and some of the most fabulous bathrooms in Rome. The bathrooms are decked out with marble bathroom vanities, mosaic tiles and, best of all, towel warmers. Towel warmers have long been used by upscale hotels in order to introduce detailed luxury into the overnight experience. Stepping out of a relaxing shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, fresh and toasty towel is an indulgent way to beat the chill of a tranquil European dusk.

Today, towel warmers aren’t exclusive to resorts and fancy hotels. Myson sells the Pearl electric floor mount towel warmer for under $200, allowing you to have cozy towels every day. With a towel warmer in your bathroom, it’s like your towels just came out of the dryer each time!

Jacuzzi Jetted Tubs

President John F. Kennedy gave his final speech at Hotel Texas (now known as the Hilton Fort Worth) before tragedy befell America’s most beloved president. Today, Hilton Fort Worth remains a historical landmark and one of the most highly rated hotels in all of the U.S. The presidential bathroom is laden with a double-sink vanity and a sunken in Roman Jacuzzi bathtub.

Jacuzzi whirlpools have long been a favorite focal point for luxury bathrooms. Jacuzzi, as an innovator in whirlpool technology, has become synonymous for quality whirlpools and air tubs. Since rolling out the first jetted tub in 1955, Jacuzzi has moved to bring soothing comfort to bathroom suites and spas in resorts, hotels and even homes.



The guestbook of the distinguished Hotel San Luca features a notable signature: that of Sophia Loren, the Italian actress who graced the silver screen and continued on to be the first actress to win an Academy Award for a non-English speaking performance for her role in Two Women.

Hotel San Luca’s suite bathroom is meticulously decorated with no amenity spared. One feature that is unique to European bathrooms – a bidet. Americans often eschew a bidet as foreign and uncomfortable, but recent studies have proven what the Europeans have known for decades: a bidet makes a bathroom cleaner, greener and far more upscale. According to EcoTech Daily, bidets use far less water than recycled toilet paper, which indicates that modern bathrooms – even American ones – may feature bidets in the not too distant future.


Tasteful Bathroom Accessories

When celebrities visit Madison, Wisconsin, they look for a hotel that is close to downtown but tucked away from the hustle and bustle of screaming crowds and pushy lookyloos. The Edgewater Hotel is just that kind of place – it’s the only lakefront hotel in all of Madison and offers some of the most stunning sunset vistas in the state. Whether it was the discreetness, the view or the long-serving staff and world class service that attracted The Man in Black we’ll never know. But all the same, Johnny Cash is known to have stayed at the now famous Edgewater Hotel in Madison. While not nearly as cosmopolitan or luxurious as the storied European hotels described above, the Edgewater manages to exude its own sense of distinctly American charm and class. One thing that really helps set off a comparatively modest bathroom – carefully composed bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories are an excellent way to bring a touch of elegance to any bathroom on a budget. After all, true taste goes all the way down to the details. While not pictured here, you can assume that the bathrooms at the lakefront suite in The Edgewater Hotel walk the line between simple, understated sophistication and lush grandeur.


As you can see, there are many affordable ways to make your bathroom just a little bit more luxurious. We won’t promise that having a lavish bathroom with a towel warmer will convince celebrities to stay there – but it’ll certain make you feel like one to have your own towel warmer, Jacuzzi, bidet and tasteful bathroom accessories.


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  1. very good post! It is interesting to see how much effort hotel management put in to enhance the look of bathroom.

  2. Couldn’t agree more on the bidet comment. Americans are freaked out by the bidet, but that’s only because most of them have never tried one. I traveled to Japan and was delighted to find that nearly every public toilet has an electric (and very advanced!) bidet seat installed complete with a heated seat, warm water spray, and warm air dryer. What could be better than finishing your business cleaner than you were when you sat down? Plus, you don’t need any toilet paper!

  3. Every bathroom needs a bidet with spotlights and a pulse setting for the water stream.

    …and lasers!!

  4. I can’t speak to the value of a bidet personally, but every woman I know who has one swears by it, and the ones who have experienced a bidet want one. Must be message in their somewhere.

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