Boldly Patterned Powder Rooms

The powder room is typically one of the smallest (if not THE smallest) room in the house. That means that it can be hard to decorate; you may feel like it’s not worth spending the time and money on such a tiny room that goes largely unseen, it’s too small to decorate the way you want to, or you’re finding it hard to get inspired when there’s not much to work with.

Don’t despair! The powder room can be awesome. With so many incredible wallpaper and tile options to choose from today as well as revolutionary painting techniques, you’re sure to find a great design┬áthat you (and your guests) will fall in love with. Bold, graphic patterns are especially trendy; before you decide that busy patterns will automatically overwhelm a small space, check out these perfectly executed patterned powder rooms.

Balance a large-scale inkblot pattern with clean, solid accents and fixtures:

Powder Room by Benni Amadi Interiors

Match the ceiling to the floor for a dramatic effect. This one’s what they call “seeing the forest for the trees”:

Powder Room by Regan Baker Design

Keep the furnishings simple and solid and allow the pattern to shine:

Powder Room by Ann Lowengart Interiors

Try this cool and easy (and cost-effective!) technique for a 3D effect; it’s just small wooden squares glued to the wall!

Powder Room by Tanamera Construction / TC Homes

Pattern only one wall, or keep the colors subtle. This perfect powder room does both:

Powder Room by Hazel.Wood Design Group

Go fresh, traditional and sophisticated by pairing pattern with wainscoting:

Powder Room by Elizabeth Reich
Powder Room by brio interior design
Try a theme. This pattern-covered bathroom shouldn’t work, but it does – because it makes you feel like you’ve entered the jungle:
Powder Room by Pal + Smith

Pull the focus away from the pattern with a daring dash of contrasting color:

Photo credit: by Rikki Snyder
Powder Room by Christiano Homes, Inc.

Or not-so-daring, but still contrasting, white:

Powder Room by ORA Studio inc
Finally, this industrial powder room is, in fact, dizzying, but too cool to leave out:
Powder Room by Suzan J Designs – Decorating Den Interiors

That’s wallpaper!

Would you dare to pattern the smallest room in your house?