Decorating a Small Bathroom


Jean, thanks for the great question. This is a major difficulty for a lot of people, especially those living in small city apartments. So here are some tips on how to decorate a beautiful bathroom, with the essentials and without the clutter, in a small space.

Tip #1 When remodeling a bathroom everyone’s first thoughts automatically turn toward the bathroom vanity. A vanity is typically a major focus in a bathroom since it functions as both a design statement and valuable storage space. But, in a case like Jean’s, when the bathroom is functioning as a main floor bathroom with no shower or tub I would say to skip it. Yes you will lose great storage space but the impact it will have on your bathroom is worth the sacrifice. Besides, a half bathroom will not have many toiletries anyways.

American Standard Tropic Grande Pedestal Sink
Pedestal Sink

To make up for the vanity use a pedestal sink. You can find them in every style from modern to traditional and they can be really chic. The best part of pedestal sinks is that they take up so little room! If you are really tight on space you can also look at wall-hung basins, a more modern yet fabulous style.

Hastings Atmosfere Polymineral Wall-Hung Countertop Basin
Wall-Hung Countertop Basin

Tip # 2 Take advantage of wall space to maximize storage space. A mirrored medicine cabinet over the sink is a great place to store any toiletries you need close by such as hand soap and moisturizer, sunscreen and Band-Aids. Use a frame-less cabinet which will give the illusion of more space.

Glasscrafters Mirrored Medicine Cabinet
Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Tip #3 Minimize the accessories, maximize the impact. Choose only the necessary bathroom accessories (cup, soap dispenser, tissue box, toilet paper holder and towel ring) but don’t compromise, get ones you love. There are so many different options available and accessories, although small, when done correctly can really make a difference.

Neo-Metro Accessory Kit
Bathroom Accessories

Tip #4 Details make a difference. A great print for the wall, a small chandelier or monogrammed hand towels can really make a statement without breaking the bank. Check out stores like Home Goods and TJ Maxx for modish pieces at great prices.

World Imports Chandelier
Small Chandelier

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