Singin’ in the Rain (Shower)

Remember when you were a kid and playing in the rain was one of those awesome experiences (at least until Mom made you come inside)? What’s changed since you grew up? When did it become a hassle rather than an activity?

There’s a simple answer to that: for most of us, getting caught in the rain became annoying once we became responsible for washing our own clothes and cleaning up the puddles that we track inside afterwards.

And now you know why Mom cut those rainy sessions short.

Here’s the good news: you can get back those idyllic childhood moments without dealing with a mess afterwards! All you need is a great rain shower head. No soaked clothing; no muddy footprints. Just the soothing, mesmerizing sensation of standing under the open sky in a rainstorm.

These five rain shower heads will transform the way you look at showering – and at the rain.

contemporary-bathroom (1)
Hansgrohe Raindance C 150 AIR 3-Jet Showerhead

This Hansgrohe Raindance shower head uses unique AIR-injection technology and 86 no-clog spray channels for one-of-a-kind rainfall in your very own shower.

Dornbracht Rain Sky M Rain Panel

The Rain Sky panel by Dornbracht is one of the most luxurious rain shower heads on the market. Over 40 inches wide and equipped with 142 jets, the Rain Sky provides a customizable experience with three types of spray: head shower, body shower, and rain curtain.

While many rain showers are recessed or flush-mount, a decorative shower head serves as both a practical feature and a design element. The right shower head can be the centerpiece of your bathroom – imagine it as a statement light fixture in your shower!

Newform Morpho Showerhead with Raining Jets
Newform Morpho Showerhead with Raining Jets
Jaclo Lumiere Rain Canopy
Jaclo Lumiere Rain Canopy

Most rain showers are designed to mimic – obviously – natural rainfall. As a result, the water often falls gently, without high pressure. If you prefer a more intense shower (or are not sure which one you’d like), the oversized Aquabrass cura five-function shower head allows you to choose your perfect storm every time you shower:

Aquabrass Cura 5 Spray Function Showerhead
Aquabrass Cura 5 Spray Function Showerhead

The cura also includes chromatherapy (informally known as mood lighting) for a complete spa-like experience in your own home.

Never fear getting caught in the rain again!


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  1. I agree that there’s nothing better than a rainfall shower, especially with in-built LED lights, which provide the best romantic experience. I have a feeling that candles might become outdated soon. 🙂

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