Clearly Gorgeous: Glass in the Bathroom

Hold on to those stones; you won’t want to throw anything in these bathrooms. Using glass isĀ one of the oldest and most effective tricks to make your bathroom look larger, lighter, and more open. Glass bathrooms (well, not all glass, obviously) are stylishly classic with a calming zen feel. Whatever the actual size of the bathroom and the number of windows in it, glass gives an illusion of more space and light.

Glass is perfect for showcasing exotic materials or unusual features in the bathroom by eliminating distracting shapes and potential color clashes:

Practically everything in the bathroom (except the toilet – don’t even think about that) can be made of glass for a light, open and airy appearance. Glass shower doors and enclosures are especially popular; choose a frosted or patterned pane for privacy:
Vigo VG6042
Vigo Frameless Shower Door
A transparentĀ sink allows a statement faucet or counter to “do the talking” with unassuming beauty:
Ryvyr GV101SFB
Ryvyr Ultra Glass Bamboo Glass Round Vessel
Open MP90
talbrass Open Drop Series Wall Mounted Glass Wash Basin
Decolav 1019T
Decolav Translucence Transparent Tempered Glass Above Counter Vessel

But a clear faucet can speak for itself, too!

Hansgrohe Axor Starck V Vortex Faucet

For the more daring decorators (and perhaps Windex shareholders), a glass bathtub both stands out and blends in for a strikingly gorgeous bathroom.

Ariel AM152-6
Ariel 6` Luxury Clear Whirlpool Hot Tub with Stereo and Lights
Eago AM195
Eago Freestanding Air Tub With TV Screen
WS Bath Collection Milos
WS Bath Collection Free Standing Tempered Crystal Glass Bathtub

Although open-concept bedrooms and bathrooms are all the rage, many people – understandably – don’t like having their bathroom literally in their bedrooms. To get all the coolness without the chill (and wet floors), enclose your en-suite with glass. You’ll get the look and feel of open-concept without any of the downsides!

And if you just so happen to have an empty elevator shaft somewhere in your home, you can always put in a bathroom with a transparent floor like this Mexican hotel:
<shudder> No, thanks, I’ll just wait until I get home.

5 thoughts on “Clearly Gorgeous: Glass in the Bathroom”

  1. Some of the designs are extremely elegant, and I hope to one day recreate some of their looks in my own home. Currently we are looking to remodel the current glass enclosure surrounding our shower area, and we may end up using some designs from here. I have to agree with your reasoning behind having these glass enclosures as they really do make a bathroom look much larger, and more open than those without.

  2. My husband has yet to see the importance or the beauty that can be had from a glass enclosure like some of the ones here. It has been a dream of mine to complete my bathroom renovations with simple glass features, like the Vigo Frameless Shower Door that you have pictured here. If not that one, then maybe one to go around a bathtub. So many options! I have to change my husbands mind!

  3. I’m very close to freaking out over some of these bathrooms! Some are so beautiful, some so excessive, and I just can’t handle the last one; they should have a vertigo warning on the door. My favorite has got to be the glass that has a design of a wave. I don’t know how glass makers can do that, but it is SO beautiful. It offers some privacy for the shower, and it fits so perfectly with the style and color of the room.

  4. Please let me know how to get in touch with the manufacturers or their agents for the clear stand alone bath tub you have shown here just above the “Ariel 6′” whirlpool tub.

    Thank you

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