Aquatic Brand Whirlpools & Air Tubs

From choices in color schemes to great features for controlling air and water flow and some of the best warranties around. Everything at Aquatic has been designed to promote a philosophy of customization: the firm has spent over 20 years selling home and commercial bath solutions buyers can be proud of, and personalized products for improving a home or hospitalities facility.

As Aquatic continues to bring innovation to the table, the latest models of whirlpools and tubs incorporate the highest current standards for comfort and control.

Here is a sample of the Aquatic product line:

  • Aquatic Century 27: The Century 27, a larger and more expansive Aquatic offering, brings complex design to your bath: this model features a 2 HP, 3-speed run-dry pump, chromatherapy and an integral waterfall fill spout as well as 12 hydrotherapy jets, including three recessed rotary massage jets, four full size pressure-flow hydrotherapy jets, four pressure plus jets and one fan jet. Its side well structure allows for different levels of relaxation. This model truly provides a range of relaxation options.
  • Aquatic Cambridge: Engineered for soothing neck and shoulder therapy, the Cambridge design provides an elegant addition to any room. Its StressEaz Neck and Shoulder Therapy System is a combination of rotary and static jets that will work on the stress and strain of the day to relieve tension and rejuvenate joints and muscles. And its sculpted style looks good anywhere.
  • Aquatic Castaway: The Castway offer options for multiple bathers, and a deep well for full-body immersion: lots of targeted jets make this a holistic water therapy option, and the two-person hourglass design makes this a great choice for a master bathroom.

For all of this and more, get aquatic whirlpools and air tubs from Aquatic to make your space into a haven of relaxation and a real amenity for anyone seeking hydro-therapy and unequaled comfort.