MAAX Roman Aerofeel Bathtubs

A Touch of Old World Class Melded with Modern Comfort

MAAX Roman Aerofeel Bathtub

MAAX brings yet another timeless, elegant beauty. This refined 19th century Roman-styled bathtub is a marvel of both the old world charm and modern innovation. The MAAX Roman Aerofeel bathtub fits as easily in place in your luxury bathroom suite as it would in a museum of historic treasures or a trade expo showcasing the most forward-looking technology, thanks to the immersive bliss offered by its precedent setting massage features.

As a study in understated luxury , it’s design is simple, with a restrained dignity that belies its craftsmanship but the opulence lies within its quality and features. Made from gorgeous, durable fireclay, the edges are soft and smooth to the touch as they billow into the dramatic curvature that gently whispers a distinct air of regality and sophistication.

Maax Roman Aerofeel Freestanding Tub
Maax Roman Aerofeel Free Standing Tub

The experience of this MAAX bathtub is equally as lavish. The traditional aesthetics hide some of the world’s most advanced massage technology. For the free standing version, MAAX’s Aerofeel technology creates a gently rippling massage that caresses your skin with thousands of tiny bubbles filled with pre-warmed air while cradling you from head to toe. A heated backrest soothes away the aches and stress of your day. Intelligent timers, temperature indicators and water level detectors ensure a consistent level of utmost comfort.

Maax Roman Aerofeel Drop in Tub
Maax Roman Aerofeel Drop in Tub

If you choose the drop-in version of the, you can treat yourself to the Hydromax Rest whirlpool system, a cutting edge silent massage system with the BackMax System, a powerful cascading massage experience for your back and feet. The optional Ozonator purifies your water for easy maintenance and a safe, clean bathing experience.  The programmable controls on the Hydromax system offers three memory settings for personalized massages at the press of a button.

The free standing MAAX Collection Roman tub comes with the Aerofeel air massage option. For drop-in Roman bathtubs, you can choose Aerofeel air massage technology, water massage technology with Hydromax, Hydrofeel and Hydroeffect or a combined water and air massage for the perfect blend of strength and gentleness. Whichever option you choose, you can also add chromatherapy lights to complete the atmosphere of sensual relaxation.  (For more information on the difference between an air massage and a water massage, read Air Tub vs. Whirlpool: What’s the Difference?)

The look of fireclay is nearly universal. Plus, you can customize your bathtub to match the decor of your master bath. Choose from: white, biscuit or bone finish for the tub; chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel or color-matched for the metal trim kit for the electronic controls and white, chrome, polished brass and brushed nickel for the grab bar.


To add class, comfort, luxury and sophistication to your bathroom, choose a MAAX Roman Aerofeel tub. It’s a feast for the eyes and a soothing retreat into complete relaxation for the body. All in all, an elegant respite from a cold world that embodies historical beauty.