Top 5 Whirlpools in 2011

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A whirlpool is unquestionably the most significant purchase in a bathroom remodel. Its not something you want to make a mistake with. Hopefully your whirlpool will give you years of luxurious pleasure and you want to love it all that time.

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Soaking Away Holiday Stress

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The holiday season is o’ so fun!!! Parting, eating, shopping, socializing and gift exchanging!

But at the end of each long day, from late November to early January, we are all seriously zonked! The only possible way to get through this fun yet hectic season with our heads on straight is to end the day with a good, long rejuvenating soak.

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Premium Combo Massage Baths Blend Relaxing Bubbles and Therapeutic Massag

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American Standard’s new collection of Premium Combo Massage Baths blends relaxing bubbles and therapeutic massage for the ultimate home spa experience. Combining the Acumassage whirlpool system, exclusive Smooth Air™ massage and soothing Chromatherapy lighting, Premium Combo Massage baths provide a … Continued

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The Advantages of a Jacuzzi Tub on Your Health

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The healing properties of hot water have been known for centuries, as people in civilizations around the globe have used them for relaxation and medicinal purposes. Today, there are advanced Jacuzzi tubs and whirlpools that give modern people the great … Continued

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